Support to find investment

EDIH-EBE offers support to access financing or investment opportunities for digital transformation. A dedicated ‘Counter’ on access to finance will be available. This Counter orients companies, after an exploratory intake interview (‘quick-scan’), to the most suitable funding, financing or investment opportunities for their specific digital transformation. Special attention is paid to the suitability of funding.

Further support will be provided with: 

  • Connecting start-ups with access to wide network of companies and business parks, matchmaking companies and investors, and referrals to wide variety of investors, incubators and financing options.
  • Group coaching for increasing quality in attracting investment and financing, to increase skills and success in attracting investors, e.g. focus on how to “pitching to private-investors”, and “high-quality submissions for public-funding”.
  • Individual coaching. This can be, for instance, in the form of supporting EDIH-EBE customers who have used the 'Test Before Invest' service and need support to find investment for their digital transformation. 

Do you have a specific idea for a digital transformation within your company? Please send an e-mail to one of the following partners to plan a quick-scan and find your way to the most suitable financial support:

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