EDIH-EBE, the one-stop-shop for industry (start-ups, SMEs and midcaps) and public sector organizations for a successful digital transformation

European Digital Innovation Hub - Energy in the Built Environment (EDIH-EBE) is a central access point or “One-stop-shop” for industry (in particular start-ups, SMEs and midcaps) and public sector organizations for their successful digital transformation within the application area of Energy at Building Level and Urban Districts Level. It is located in Flanders, Belgium, with strong connections established throughout Europe.

The EDIH-EBE will accelerate the recovery and drive the digital transformation for companies through becoming   more   competitive   with   regard   to   their business/production   processes, products   or   services using advanced digital technologies.

Call for Cooperation: We are looking for building Corridors of Cooperation with European Digital Innovation Hubs, Clusters, relevant Networks and other stakeholders across Europe to establishing sustainable, long-term cooperation.

For further opportunities on cooperation, please contact the EDIH-EBE Coordinator Irena Kondratenko.

Irena Kondratenko

Project Manager Energy in Buildings & Districs