Skills & Training

The EDIH-EBE facilitates access to available trainings to raise the level of knowledge and skills on advanced digital technologies. Numerous existing relevant trainings are offered on the following categories:

  • Soft/Organizational skills for digital transformation.
  • New services and business models in Construction and Energy based on digitalization Energy Applications and solutions, i.e. IoT interoperability at home.
  • Digitalization PV system O&M.
  • BIM for energy management, smart charging, neighbourhood-batteries, etc.
  • Energy Data retrieval, processing, controlling, publishing, storage.
  • Networking, communication and infrastructure.
  • Cybersecurity and other digital technologies.
  • Energy optimization e.g. for Facility Managers.
  • Knowledge on added value and use of high-performance computing.

Check the online catalogue (in development) to find out more about the different trainings.

Job placements and traineeships

EDIH-EBE collaborates with VDAB, Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service, offers support to find suitable job placements and helps to organize traineeships concerning EDIH-EBE related trainings.

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